Individual Effectiveness

All of your efforts—to create a competitive business strategy, to develop authentic leadership, or to win more business—boil down to one critical truth: Your success rests on the success of your individual contributors.

What we’ve learned about Individual Effectiveness compels us to believe that individual success is more than just the sum of technical or professional ability.

We believe that, for all the right reasons, organizations focus on developing individual technical capabilities, or “work talents,” within a workforce. While clearly necessary, this effort alone neglects most of the capabilities required to be highly effective in a work environment, especially when a global marketplace is considered. What’s missing are the skills that allow individuals to be personally and socially aware in the workplace—the thinking, feeling, and communication skills necessary to effectively interact with others around the world.

Building Relationship Versatility – Social Styles at Work*

Building Relationship Versatility (formerly Social Style Series) is an interpersonal versatility skills program designed to foster stronger relationships and increased collaboration. Participants learn to better understand differences in others’ behavior based on a model of four styles: Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical. They learn to identify the four styles and discover ways to increase their versatility by temporarily adapting their behavior to improve communication, persuade effectively, and reduce conflicts.

Consulting with Clients*

Consulting with Clients provides tools that enable participants to add value by presenting high-quality solutions to their stakeholders—solutions that address critical success factors and help stakeholders foresee and deal with potential barriers to change within the organization. It improves collaboration while teaching participants to diagnose change-readiness, identify interests and potential allies, and help stakeholders set their organization up for success.

Global Awareness*

Global Awareness is designed to help global staff understand the effect of five cross-cultural dimensions of business interaction: Task & Relationship, Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism/Collectivism, and Context Communication. Through lessons, video clips, and simulations, participants learn techniques and skills to improve international business communication.

Innovation in Action Series*

This modular course provides tools, skills, and processes for individuals, teams, and work groups to generate new ideas and implement innovative solutions. The modules teach participants four different approaches to innovation, frameworks for generating ideas, and finding innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

Leading from Within*

Leading from Within is a unique individual effectiveness program that helps leaders improve their interpersonal skills by identifying gaps between their beliefs and actions. The course provides the processes and tools to lead from personal reference points, and develops leadership skills that advance personal capacity.

Negotiating to Yes (Corporate)*

Negotiating to Yes is derived from the work of Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Team. Participants learn to practice principled negotiation, in which they focus on the interests (as opposed to the positions) of both themselves and their constituents. The course builds skills in questioning, listening, persuading, strategizing, problem solving, and countering unfair tactics.

Persuasion Through Presentation*

Persuasion Through Presentation is a hands-on, results-oriented workshop that will give participants the ability to construct and deliver persuasive presentations. The course offers a balanced approach between enhancing content development and mastering the delivery techniques necessary to persuade an audience to mobilize into action.

*Wilson Learning Product/Service