In the 30 years that Wilson Learning has studied leadership and has helped its clients develop their approaches to leadership effectiveness, we have come to believe that how leaders view their purpose will set the course for their organization’s success. For Wilson Learning, the purpose of a leader is to engage others in committing their full energy to the creation of value and success.

Wilson Learning’s approach to assessing and developing leaders begins with Leadership Character – those elements of leadership that are enduring and core to how people view the purpose of leadership. While Leadership Character is the foundation of effective leadership, however, alone it is not sufficient. In order to produce tangible results, effective leaders need the skills and knowledge required to execute on those values and principles.

Leading for Performance Modules*

Leading for Performance is a modular leadership development series that equips supervisors and managers with foundational management skills and develops effective leadership competencies.

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High Performance Team Workshop*

This leadership development program provides leaders with a variety of proven tools and models for problem solving, communication, commitment, and planning to help bring the team to a higher level of performance.

Leading in Challenging Times*

Leading in Challenging Times helps managers build (or rebuild) the morale of a work unit which has undergone significant change. This leadership development course teaches managers how to support employees through change by understanding the nature of change and its impact on people.

Managing Human Performance*

Managing Human Performance provides a systematic leadership development approach to effectively manage the performance of individual employees. This leadership program teaches skills in setting objectives, observing and documenting performance, coaching, conducting performance reviews, and planning for employee development.

Negotiating to Yes – Corporate*

Negotiating to Yes provides leaders and professionals with personal influence and negotiation skills. This course is based on the best selling work of Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Team. The leadership course builds skills in questioning, listening, problem-solving, persuading, strategizing, and countering the unfair tactics used by others.

Building Relationship Versatility*

Building Relationship Versatility is an update of Wilson Learning’s highly successful. Social Styles Series, and provides participants with results-oriented versatility skills that help them to improve their ability to work effectively with others. Participants develop leadership skills, build productive relationships, handle conflict, and create more productive teams

Creating Team Mastery*

This business leadership skills course helps leaders create a high-performance and fulfilling response to increasing challenges that teams face today. The program helps teams sharpen their purpose and vision, discover how unrecognized talents can bring unexpected contributions, and create a dynamic balance between individual fulfillment and team performance.

Leading For Growth*

Leading For Growth draws on the work of David Bradford and Allan Cohen, authors of Power Up, to help managers develop leadership skills, create high performing work groups with high levels of alignment, commitment and common purpose.

Leading From Within*

Leading From Within is a unique leadership program that helps leaders increase their leadership effectiveness capabilities by identifying gaps between their beliefs and actions. The course provides the processes and tools to lead from personal reference points, and develops leadership skills that advance personal capacity.

The Leader Manager*

This business leadership skills course provides a framework and skills for a leader to enable the work unit to achieve Performance with Fulfillment—the combination of high performance and high satisfaction from meaningful work done well. It teaches managers how to make the shift from simply being managers to being effective leaders.

Connection Events (Alignment Activities)*

Connection Events are custom strategic leadership consulting sessions led by a Wilson Learning Process Facilitator. These events help departments, divisions, teams and critical organizational functions align with important organizational goals, strategies and direction. Participating groups leave connection events with clear roles and objectives that drive and support new organizational strategy.

High Performance Coaching (HPC)*

High Performance Coaching helps individuals and organization integrate new skills into daily behavior. Experienced, certified High Performance Coaches work with individuals and organizations to ensure that leadership developmental investment yields expected results. WL coaches work with high-potential individuals and teams to build and execute growth plans and employ best-practices in their work.

Innovation in Action*

Based on the work of William Miller, author, consultant and researcher in the area of innovation, the Innovation in Action Series offers ways of defining and then removing the barriers to creativity on both the individual and organizational levels. Participants learn about Innovation Styles and Innovation Tools that help expand thinking and creativity.

Strategic Focusing Workshop*

In these strategic leadership consulting sessions, a Wilson Learning consultant helps senior managers of an organization determine the vision, direction and critical success factors for an important transformation. Executive teams leave this workshop with a clear understanding of where they stand as an organization and a clear direction of how to move forward in the transformation of their business.

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