Sales Development

Current and future competitiveness requires the creation of a source of sustainable competitive differentiation. Today, traditional sources of differentiation (brand, technology, economies of scale) are unsustainable. We believe that in the long run, sales effectiveness is a critical source of sustainable competitive advantage and differentiation.

Making your sales force a source of competitive advantage requires more than training salespeople on new sales techniques. At Wilson Learning, we recognize the central role of both salespeople and sales leadership to sales effectiveness. Providing salespeople and sales leaders with the right skills, tools, and processes can propel your organization forward, allowing you to out-perform the competition and delivering greater value to your customers.

The Counselor Salesperson*

The Counselor Salesperson is a foundational consultative sales training course that builds the skills and professionalism to sell, create, and maintain lasting sales relationships in competitive markets. The sales skills course introduces sales effectiveness as a definable and manageable consultative process in which there is a win/win interaction between the buyer and the seller.

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The Consultative Process*

This course focuses on client communication and business problem-solving skills. It is appropriate for all professional personnel whose work depends on having a strong consultative relationship with external or internal clients—including project managers, service engineers, consultants, managers, and any non-manager with special project responsibilities. Participants learn how to ask questions that uncover the real needs and interests of the client. They also learn how to present recommendations, facilitate decision making, and support client satisfaction with the accepted recommendation.

Sales Advantage Series*

Sales Advantage Series is a series of modules which equips high-performing salespeople to be seen by clients as true business advisors, setting them apart from the competition. The series takes the salesperson through the most critical aspects of consulting: discovering the customer’s critical success factors, aligning the solution to the customer’s buying processes, differentiating the customer offering, and improving the customer’s business processes. All of these areas are vital to creating business value for the customer and are strengthened with highly strategic business calling skills to support the collaborative efforts.

Inbound Sales Excellence*

Inbound Sales Excellence is a sales and service training course designed for sales agents in an inbound call center environment who are responsible for cross- and up-selling. This sales skills course focuses on the challenges inherent in their unique selling environment. Participants learn efficient ways to discover customer needs and make compelling recommendations. In addition, they learn to enhance their comfort level and skills for handling customer objections so they can uncover all of the customer’s concerns and close the sale.

Signature Service – The Key to Customer Satisfaction*

Signature Service is a service skills training course that teaches employees to satisfy the customer from the customer’s viewpoint. Signature Service focuses on understanding the customer’s condition at the onset of the interchange so each customer can be satisfied on an individual basis. The course teaches a process to gain satisfaction, and provides a method to gauge satisfaction.

Turning Information into Sales*

Turning Information into Sales improves sales effectiveness while teaching salespeople to differentiate on the basis of superior client knowledge. Participants will develop the essential ability to discover information needed to create highly satisfactory and compelling solutions. This sales training course expands listening skills into effective discovery—to uncover more information and use it to improve sales effectiveness.

The Versatile Salesperson*

The Versatile Salesperson is one of Wilson Learning’s foundational sales effectiveness courses. Participants learn how to identify others’ Social Styles and temporarily adjust their own to communicate more easily and effectively with others. This sales training course applies versatility principles to the selling environment. Participants learn how to make their clients feel more comfortable by temporarily adjusting to how they prefer to receive information.

Counselor Prospecting*

This sales skills training course teaches salespeople how to win business and get ahead of the competition right from the start of the sales process. Salespeople discover ways to focus on finding better suspects and higher-quality prospects. This course improves salespeople’s selling skills at three critical spots during sales process.

Negotiating to Yes (Sales version)*

Negotiating to Yes is derived from the work of Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Team. Salespeople learn to practice principled negotiation, in which they focus on the interests (as opposed to the positions) of both themselves and their customers. The course builds skills in questioning, listening, persuading, strategizing, problem solving, and countering unfair tactics.

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Persuasion Through Presentation*

Persuasion Through Presentation is a hands-on, results-oriented workshop that will have an immediate impact on participants selling skills, and the ability to effectively influence and persuade any audience to take action. Participants will become competent in both content development and delivery techniques, on the telephone or face to face.

Leading Competitive Business Solutions*

This sales management training course is designed for sales managers who have completed the Creating Competitive Business Solutions™ course. Sales Managers will gain a better understanding of their role in supporting and reinforcing the key concepts to ensure their salespeople are competitive business consultants.

Lighthouse Coaching*

This course helps sales managers and other first-line leaders develop the one-to-one coaching skills necessary to help their people consistently perform at high levels. By learning how to effectively redirect, change, or reinforce people’s behavior, participants become empowered to positively impact an organization’s ability to compete and win when it matters most.

Managing Sales Performance*

This sales management course teaches how to continually reinforce and coach sales performance. Sales leaders learn the Coaching Process: Communicating Expectations, Observing and Documenting Behavior, and Providing Feedback and Recognition. The process helps sales leaders to think and act as coaches instead of managers.

Managing Signature Service – The Key to Customer Satisfaction*

Managing Signature Service gives customer service managers and supervisors the information, skills, and approaches necessary to coach their direct reports for improved job performance. Participants must have attended the Signature Service course before attending Managing Signature Service.

Reinforcing the Counselor Approach*

Reinforcing the Counselor Approach provides ongoing learning and sales coaching support for sales managers and their salespeople in support of The Counselor Salesperson. The course offers a step-by-step process and tools for working individually with salespeople to enhance their counselor approach skills.

Reinforcing Signature Service – The Key to Customer Satisfaction*

This course is a series of short follow-up sessions to Signature Service and is designed to reinforce skills and concepts that participants learned in Signature Service. Included in each session is an action planning section that encourages participants to use their skills on a daily basis. During each manager-led session, participants engage in large- and small-group discussions, a skill reinforcement activity, and action planning.

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