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Coaching the Counselor Salesperson

The sales manager’s ability to develop and coach their people has a significant impact on sales team results. Learn how to reinforce skill usage of The Counselor Salesperson (CSP) with the program Coaching the Counselor Salesperson. Your sales managers will learn the ABCs of coaching, how to overcome the challenge of coaching, and receive a playbook to help coach sales representatives of all skill levels.

Module Overview

  • Provides an understanding of Wilson Learning’s The Counselor Salesperson (CSP) concepts and principles
  • Offers managers a coaching process—The ABCs of Coaching—that includes a feedback framework for developing a team of top-performing salespeople
  • Provides managers with practice and experience coaching to real-life sales situations

Delivery Method

This four 2 hour session course is delivered virtually using the Zoom platform. This platform allows for high participant interactivity through polls, break out rooms and chats.

Course Registration

Who Should Attend

Sales leaders, learning and development professionals and anyone involved in the process of coaching the skills of Counselor Salesperson.

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