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Steve Rezac

Steve is an innovative entrepreneur and training expert who is recognized in helping business owners and CEOs achieve their top business goals. Steve has over 30 years of senior level experience in sales, business development and global sales training. He is a pioneer in implementing learning systems that include pre-work, classroom training, action planning and interactive follow-up built into each intervention. Previously, Steve was Manager of Sales Training for BASF, a $1.3 billion company. Implementing a totally integrated sales effectiveness solution, Steve contributed to the success of the Specialty Products Division growth by increasing sales by 5% and profits by 35%.

M: (919) 624-7058
O:  (919) 267-2075

, McCourt Associates

Tom Sekel

As Chief Financial Officer, Tom provides over 30 years of both financial and operational experience in finance, information technology, accounting and human resources. He has had success with both international and domestic corporations like Nestle Foods, Kanthal Corporation and Bespak Inc. Tom holds a MBA from the University of Connecticut and a BS in Accounting from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester New York. He is married with five children and calls North Carolina his home.

M: (919) 345-4487
(919) 267-3124

, McCourt Associates

Bob Davis

Bob Davis is a senior consultant with McCourt Associates, (a Wilson Learning business partner). Bob helps companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries achieve greater success. Bob helps uncover strategic business needs, then develops customized learning curriculums to build skills in sales, leadership, customer service, and operations. He is a Master Facilitator in The Counselor Salesperson, Negotiation to Yes, The Versatile Salesperson and many other workshops offered by Wilson Learning.

Mr. Davis’s client work focuses on achieving value added results through internal/external customer focus, differentiation, adding value, and gaining customer commitment, and creating solution presentations that maintain margins / enhance revenue.

Prior to his role at Wilson Learning, Mr. Davis had a successful sales career in the medical device industry in which he sold consumables, capital equipment, and services. He has been a guest speaker at both Harvard and Boston University Graduate Schools of Business Management. He frequently delivers motivational workshops to audiences as large as 600 people throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. (references)

M:  (617) 319-5141
O: (781) 592-2435

, McCourt Associates

Cyndi Walsh

McCourt Associate Cyndi Walsh is an integral part of our winning team who consistently ranks at the top of Wilson Learning’s agency network. Cyndi has experience in coaching and delivering skill building programs both in person and online. As a business consultant, facilitator, and coach her experience spans the US, Canada, Europe, South America and Mexico. She works across multiple industries, including medical device, insurance, manufacturing and environmental services to name a few.

Many of her clients are growing through merger and acquisition and looking to build a high performing culture where results can be measured.

  • A recent and notable success used a mutually developed systems-approach with manager’s learning and coaching foundational skills. In the end this environmental services client documented a 53% increase in revenue, or $ 2.7 million, attributable to a negotiating skills intervention, supported by strong sales management coaching.

She is at her best working with managers and leaders to co-create learning systems that identify, share and measure best practices to support a business strategy.

  • Case in point, a highly successful and well-known distributor of electronic needed to increase the productivity of their sell-through channel in an ever- increasing competitive marketplace. We co-created a solution by certifying their trainers to integrate Counselor skills into their product launches. In the end success was measured in heart-share, mind share, and incremental business gained.

Cyndi’s experience with counseling and her grounding in typology makes her a much sought-after facilitator and coach for Wilson Learning’s flagship programs like Building Relationship Versatility: Social Styles at Work, Versatile Salesperson, Counselor Salesperson and coaching programs. She has also led design efforts to customize video, case studies and tailoring materials to meet specific client design requirements.

As a master trainer she certifies learning professionals and managers to deliver/coach skill building reinforcement programs. With M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Advanced Certificates in Organizational Development, Coaching and Learning Transfer she has developed a unique facilitation & consulting practice. Her research and advance studies on peer and manager coaching, performance review and the feedback process has equipped her to deliver a results-driven learning journey that is foundational to her client’s success.

O: (203) 222-1436

, McCourt Associates

Maria Wardwell

As an Account Executive, Senior Consultant, and Facilitator for McCourt Associates/Wilson Learning Maria Wardwell works closely with clients and their leadership teams to ensure employees have the skills necessary to achieve the client’s strategic goals. She is also responsible for matching external consultant resources to the client’s culture and needs and coordinates the implementation of development initiatives.

Ms. Wardwell has extensive experience in leadership development, performance management, change management, building team effectiveness, interpersonal communications, and workflow redesign. She assists clients in developing and linking company- and job-specific competencies to create integrated performance management and development systems. Ms. Wardwell was a key contributor in the redesign of Wilson Learning’s Leading for Performance series and redesigned the program’s modules for effective virtual delivery. Using Wilson Learning’s program offerings, Ms. Wardwell works with teams and managers to enhance intercompany and cross-functional communication. She partners with clients to create sustainable behavioral and cultural change for long-term results.

Ms Wardwell was the 2020 recipient of of Wilson Learning’s Global Facilitor of the Year Award for work with clients and support and training of other facilitators as training moved to the virtual environment as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Prior to her role with McCourt Associates Wilson Learning, Ms. Wardwell spent 15 years in the banking industry, including institutional sales, lending, relationship management, client service management, and retail bank management, development, and marketing.

M: (781) 258-7249
O: (781) 237-2148

, McCourt Associates

Steve Jasper

Steve has been passionate about Leadership for his entire career. He was sought out by Wilson Learning to begin a “distributorship” in 1991 which he ran until 2019, when he merged his business with McCourt Associates. Studying Psychology and then earning an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Finance from NYU, Steve went to work for a multi-national firm, to create a training function that would help people build management, leadership and technical skills. Next, Steve spent 6 years in management consulting allowing him to work in most every industry. In 1985, he started his own business selling custom-designed behavior modeling programs in Leadership, Sales and Interviewing. Two things occurred that changed Steve’s trajectory: Clients were often soliciting help with challenging leadership issues, and because he’d acquired access to Wilson Learning’s iconic programs, the need to build from scratch became less important—the ability to customize Wilson’s programs became the norm, if they required customizing at all and Steve began developing his own brand of Executive Coaching. To date he has coached over 1000 people. Some of Steve’s largest and longest lasting client relationships are in both the hi-tech and financial sectors.

M: (914) 882-1100
O: (203) 222-7278

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-Stephen Rezac, President and CEO of NuVue.

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