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Check out what some of our customers have been saying about McCourt Associates!

From a Global chemical company regarding our virtual deployment of Counselor Salesperson:

“The investment in the people development is already becoming fruitful and I’m glad that we came to a successful conclusion for the East team. A couple more sessions for the West and they’ll be on par as well.”

From a large environmental services company regarding implementing a negotiation skills intervention:

“By utilizing a mutually developed systems-approach with manager’s learning and coaching foundational negotiation skills, we documented a 53% increase in revenue.”

From a large medical device company regarding a sales strategy workshop:

“The successful implementation of a comprehensive plan to help steer the sales team through an extreme competitive threat helped to save the base of our business. When a dominant-share competitor launched a new product with claims of creating a ‘new standard,’ I reached out to McCourt Associates to collaborate on a strategic and tactical effort to minimize the impact of the threat, secure our base, and build a platform for future growth and expansion. The workshop exceeded my expectations.”

From a large environmental services company regarding implementing a common sales methodology:

“By enabling a common language and process for sales, service and operations staff through integrated training and coaching we saw $4.2M in major account sales.”

From a large chemical company regarding our Negotiation to Yes Workshop:

“Negotiating to Yes has helped us reach better long-term – value added agreements with our customers. The facilitator helped us see the value of “little n” negotiating before “Big N” negotiating. One $900K deal was increased to $3.lM.  All this was accomplished utilizing the skills facilitated in the program.”

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